With the Newswire reporting function, you are able to export usage figures for individual customers. For a given period of time (e.g. one week), you can use reports to tell you:

  1.  How many of your stories a customer has used;
  2. How these stories performed on social;
  3. Which of your topics performed the best;
  4. The top stories your customer has published that week, including usage and engagement figures.

Using the reporting function, you're able to generate dynamic reports at any time.

How to do it

Click on the "Reporting" button at the top right of your screen:

In this example we'll use BBC News as the example customer.

Go to "Specific Customers" and type "BBC News" in the customer name field:

Select the correct outlet.

In the "Select Topics" section, You can pick the topics you are interested in; in case you want to include all usage by this customer, leave the "SELECT/DESELECT ALL" option ticked:

Selecting the time range:
Click directly on the calendar icon to choose the start and end dates for your report.
In this example we've selected the starting date as Monday, March 18th and an end date of Monday, March 25th:

Press on the "Export report" button when you are ready.

Note: Please allow some time for the report to load in the new tab or window that just opened.

Voila! Your report is now ready.

For any further assistance with reporting or the data within the reports, please contact us directly using the chat feature in the bottom right hand corner.

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