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Getting Started with Newswire
Getting Started with Newswire

Four key features you need to know to start using the tool

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Welcome to EzyInsights Newswire.

Here are the key questions you can answer with the help of the tool.

Which of my stories are getting popular?

The first thing you see in Newswire are stories from your wires arranged by how quickly they're spreading online (engagements/minute).  

How does this work?
We match your stories with articles published by various media outlets in real time. We then group all of the matched articles into one tile. 

By default, we arrange these tiles by the articles' combined popularity on social media - how many likes, comments, or shares they are getting per minute.

Every tile you see is a collection of articles that used your original story.

How can I filter for bylines, topics, customers, or other criteria?

You can find all the filtering options from the top bar.

How many and which outlets picked up my story?

Order stories by the Number of Matches to see your most quoted articles at the top. 

You can find the number of articles that quote your original story at the bottom right of every tile. 

Above the image, you can also see some of the news outlets that picked up your story. Click on the tile's image to get a full view of all the articles that picked up your story.

How much of my article did they use?

Click on the image of any tile to see all the articles that picked up your story.
This is where you will also find how much of your original story each article used.

We compare stories sentence by sentence, so the higher the usage percentage, the more of your original text is included in the published article.

How can I get more information?  

If you have any questions, remember you can approach us any time using the smiling chatbox icon at the bottom right of your screen. We are here to help you!

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