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Common Login Problems

If you're having trouble accessing EzyInsights, check here.

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We will go through some of the common login issues experienced by users. If you get stuck at any point, please don't hesitate to contact us using the chat function or via email ([email protected]).

While there are several common issues, the one that reoccurs most frequently revolves around using the original registration link to access EzyInsights.

Please note: Once you have registered for EzyInsights, you never need to click on the registration link again.

Instead you should navigate directly to If the system detects you are logged in, it will let you straight in, otherwise it will prompt you to log in.

Here you have 2 options:

  1. Login via Facebook

  2. Login via Email

If you originally registered with Facebook, (even if you later confirmed your email address) please try this option to log in. Once you are successfully logged in you can visit directly in the future.

If you originally registered via Email, select option 2 to log in. The system generates an email containing a login link. These login links are both time limited and single use. Please ensure you click on the very latest email login link sent to you, and bear in mind older login links will not work.

After a successful login, you may visit directly to access the tool. The system should recognise you and allow you in, although it may require you to log in again once every couple of weeks.

We recommend using the first option (login via Facebook).

Other common problems

A typical issue can be found in the error message below:

If you see this message and believe you have been removed in error and should have access to the account, please contact us via the chat or by email ([email protected])

Case Sensitivity

Unfortunately for some email address our system uses a case sensitive method. This can mean you get an error message when logging in by email if you do not type your address exactly as when you you originally registered.

One way this issue can manifest is by saying we have sent you an email to login that doesn't arrive. It is a common issue that if a user registered on a mobile device, the autocorrect feature capitalises the first name in an email address.
If you aren't sure of the exact case in which your email address was originally written and you are experiencing any login issues as described above, please contact us and we will help.

Expiration of activation link (4043)

Another quite common issue can be found in the error message below:

This message typically means that you use an email client (such as Outlook) which automatically activates the confirmation link when opening the confirmation email. Try using the Facebook login instead, or open your emails through a web interface.

Other Error Messages

If you encounter other issues when attempting to log in, please contact us via the chat or by email. If possible, please include a screenshot of the error message including the URL bar in the image. 

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