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Over Performing
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This sorting method is applicable only to Realtime.

When you want to find stories that punch above their weight, Over Performing is your answer. Regardless of the publisher's size, in this view you will see content that is getting much more engagement relative to that publisher's average engagement levels.

We recommend saving at least one of your main filters with the Over Performing view to keep an eye on content that is bubbling under on smaller pages or in niche publications.

To get to the Over Performing view, select it from the drop-down menu at the top of the tool:

Instead of the speed of engagement metric, you'll see a percentage number at the bottom of the story cards. This number indicates how well the story is engaging above the page’s average:

If you scroll down long enough, you'll come across negative percentages, which indicate that the story is under performing compared to the page's average engagement levels.

How is it calculated?

EzyInsights tracks post performance by speed across the lifetime of a post.

When calculating Over Performing, we look at the age of a post in minutes and compare it to the average speed of posts when they were the same number of minutes old.  

If we dig into the data, we can see that the example post below has performed above average since it was posted.

If you have any further questions, please get in contact with us at any time. 

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