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Sentence Similarity vs Content Usage
Sentence Similarity vs Content Usage

How text matching works in Newswire

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Before we start unreeling the terms, we first need to clarify what we consider as a match.

We qualify as a match a sentence that is used on by 60% or more. This includes the case where the order of the words is shuffled.

Sentence similarity controls how many sentences in the article qualify as matches

When the slider is set to “Strict”, each sentence matched will be very similar to the original sentence written. When it is "Loose", the order of words within each sentence may be quite different, but they'll still qualify as a match

Content usage looks at the newswire story and how much of this story was used by a publisher.

Setting the slider to "High" will show matched articles that have used a significant amount of the original story. The lowest setting: "Off", will show story matches that may have used a single quote

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