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New features in Newswire Reporting
New features in Newswire Reporting

What's new with Newswire Reporting in the December 2020 release

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The December release of Newswire Reporting brings you a lot of anticipated changes.

What's new

  • The main visible improvement in Newswire Reporting is the extension of time range from two weeks to a maximum of one year.

  • Performance has been improved. The report export takes much less time and the timeout errors have been minimized.

  • The Sentence Similarity and Content Usage settings have changed. Sentence Similarity has been removed and Content Usage has been simplified. This change reduces complexity, increases performance and prevents false positive matches from overwhelming the results, especially in longer term reports. By default, the standard Sentence Similarity setting is set to Medium. You'll no longer be able to change it through the user interface.
    โ€‹Note that the Sentence Similarity and Content Usage sliders have not changed in the real-time Newswire Dashboard.

  • The doughnut charts in the html exports display up to ten top performing publishers/topics. Previously there were issues when trying to display a larger number of publishers/topics.

  • The topic column in the "Top 100 stories" section includes all the topics a newswire story has been assigned to.


Please note that these restrictions are by design, either to improve performance or accuracy of results.

  • Reports display stories with the headline of the latest story revision.

  • Reporting doesn't support newswire stories with four sentences or less. This is because these stories typically yield a lot of false positive results, especially in longer range (i.e. more than two weeks) reports.

  • Reports include only newswire stories that were first published between the selected date ranges. For example a report for Monday will only pick up stories first published on that Monday.

  • Reports show an overview of the content performance and not a detailed breakdown of all publisher matches.

Difference in figures between Newswire Dashboard and Newswire Intelligence

There might be minor deviations in the matches and engagement numbers for a story, between a report and the newswire dashboard. Here are some reasons why this might happen:

  • You have different filtering options on your Dashboard.
    At this point, the system retains your filter options on the Dashboard since the last time you left the page or logged out. If your reporting filters are different from your dashboard filters, you'll see a difference in the matches and engagement numbers as well. We will rectify this behavior in the near future.

  • You're looking for a story with four (4) sentences or less.
    Reporting does not take into account stories that are less than four sentences long, while the newswire dashboard does.

Got any further questions about the new features in Newswire Reporting?

Contact us at [email protected], or through the chat box at the bottom right of your screen.

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