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Data retention

Find out more about our data retention policy

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How long does EzyInsights keep my data?

All story data is retained for 24 months. This applies to all subscriptions with no exception.

After 24 months, EzyInsights can start a manual deletion process, if deemed necessary. Data will be deleted from EzyInsights servers, including backups, and cannot be retrieved.

Common questions about our data retention policy

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your subscription, EzyInsights has the right to delete all your data, regardless of the data retention period of two (2) years. This data cannot be retrieved.

Retention of your data, in case of contract termination is subject to a monthly fee, depending on the data.

Do you have backups of my data?

After the deletion process takes place, there’ll be no access to any backups. Story and / or image related data can no longer be retrieved.

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