The EzyInsights Storycard now shows the following three metrics: 

  1. Speed
  2. Web Shares
  3. Post Engagement
  1. The metric on the left (18/min) refers to the current speed of this story as measured in Engagement Per Minute. That is the number of likes, comments, shares etc that the story is generating right now.
  2. The metric in the centre (the three people and the small share icon) refers to the total Web Shares generated by this story. 
  3. The metric to the right (the three small people inside a bubble) refers to Post Engagement. That is engagement that has been generated directly on social platforms (for example, likes, comments and shares on Facebook).

With our story-centric approach, we include all Engagement related to the story in question. When there are multiple posts across social media that refer to the same article, we combine the engagement to give a more accurate idea of how popular the story is.

To see the advanced breakdown of the story's Engagement, as well as where this engagement was generated, simply click on the photo of the story to open up the Info Panel on the right hand side.

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