Creating your first Filter

Getting started with EzyInsights and creating Filters

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What is a Filter?

Within EzyInsights Realtime, you see a page full of storycards

Which storycards you see are determined by a set of options we call a Filter

Filters are the key to ensuring EzyInsights delivers you relevant content on your screen. A badly set up filter will leave you shrugging, while a good filter will make it easy to see what's resonating with a given audience.

How do I know what I'm looking at? 

The filter settings are always summarised at the top of the screen. In this example we can see that we are looking at a filter with the following settings:

Fastest stories - storycards are ordered by speed (engagement per minute).
Last Day - stories published or posted within the last 24 hours
Posted on all platforms - stories can be from the web, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
From United Kingdom - one country specified
in General News - one category specified
in English - one language specified

This is a pretty typical filter, so lets create one just like it, but looking at stories in the last 12hrs instead of 24hrs.

The first step is to click on the Filter drop-down menu and select 'Create New Filter':

This will open up the left hand menu, so let's select the options we want.

  1. Give your filter a name (you can do this last if you like!)

  2. Choose the time-range, anywhere from 1hr to 4 days.

  3. Select "Fastest Engaging"

  4. Choose yourself a country (or countries) by typing in the first couple of letter of the place you want.

  5. Choose the categories you think are relevant, in this case we'll keep it simple and select just one.

  6. Select a language

Now scroll back up and click on 'Save'. 


You'll be able to access your new filter at any time from the top dropdown menu

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