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4 ways to sort stories, explained

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There are 4 ways to order the stories that you see in EzyInsights. 

1. Fastest Engaging

This option is designed to show you the content that is engaging users at this very moment. "Fastest Engaging" is by far the most used Sort Ordering option. Taking advantage of EzyInsights real-time technology, you'll see stories in order of Current Speed measured in Engagement Per Minute. 

2. Most Popular

This option orders the stories by Total Engagement. It will show stories that have generated the most engagement. 

3. Over Performing

This option surfaces stories that are doing better than average, regardless of the size of their page. This option is ideal for seeing stories that are engaging local audiences. For more details, see this article.

4. Newest First

If you need to see stories in chronological order, this option is for you.

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