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Where can I find all the post-related data and graphs?
Where can I find all the post-related data and graphs?

Find graphs that visualise post and story performance.

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Did you know EzyInsights has graphs that are accessible for any story within the tool?

Where are they?

To access speed and engagement graphs for an individual post, click on any story on your Ezy dashboard and open the right hand info panel.

You'll see the post(s) related to the story nearer to the bottom of the panel. Next to each individual post there is a small arrow. Click on it.

The graph for the individual post will appear. You can switch between engagement and speed to get an 'at a glance' view on how it is performing. The grey area is the average performance of a post on that page, the coloured line is the performance of the post in question. Here you can see this post is performing well above average.

Graphs allow users to see any unexpected behaviour, for example if a post was performing averagely for a couple of hours and suddenly took off, you'll not only see it reflected here, but it will help you find an explanation.

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